PANDAS/PANS Advocacy and Support distributes grants two times per year:


Request Period*: January 1-31 5pm CT
Notification: On or around February 15


Request Period*: July 1-31 5pm CT
Notification: On or around August 15

All parts of the application and supporting letters must be received by 5pm CT on the final day of the grant period in order to be considered.


PANDAS/PANS Advocacy and Support will confirm medical eligibility with the help of the applicant’s treating physician*.

A doctor’s letter verifying the suspicion or confirmation of a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis is required in conjunction with your grant request and must be on his/her letterhead.

The letter must include the applicant’s name, date of birth and a brief case history confirming diagnosis, and must be accompanied by a completed version of our HIPAA Release Form.

Additional letters of support from friends, family, teachers, therapists, or additional members of your medical team will also be accepted and can be listed under Section II of the HIPAA Release Form.

Supporting documentation must be submitted as a single package (i.e., doctor's letter, HIPAA form, and all other supporting documentation together) or be subject to exclusion.

Documentation packages can be emailed to or sent via physical mail to:

PANDAS/PANS Advocacy and Support

212 Tupelo Ave., Naperville, IL 60540

* A treating physician is defined as a MD, NP, PA, or DO.

Families with a child/children living with PANDAS/PANS who are facing financial difficulty due to the treatment and/or symptoms of their diagnosis. The beneficiary must also be able to prove U.S.

Our grant request form will only be active during our grant request periods (currently January 1-31 and July 1-31). Please come back during those times to submit your information.


PANDAS/PANS Advocacy and Support's mission is to build public awareness of PANDAS/PANS and provide support for families struggling with the medical, educational, social-emotional, and financial hardships of the disorder. As part of this mission, we are accepting grant applications for those in need.


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