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Illnesses including strep throat, mononucleosis, and pneumonia can suddenly bring on a complicated disorder with symptoms such as:

After much consideration, the PAS Board of Directors has chosen to dissolve our national non profit status effective December 31, 2018. Grants will no longer be distributed through this organization. PAS of Illinois will continue as a local support organization.

As you may remember, we originally created our organization with the mission of providing both emotional and financial support for families, as well as developing distinct paths toward PANDAS/PANS advocacy throughout the community. Our intent was always to “work ourselves out of our jobs” by providing grant assistance to families while driving a legislative push for insurance coverage and better access to treatment throughout the country. Two states now have that coverage, and MANY others are working diligently on it. We are very proud of the hundreds and thousands of PANS/PANDAS families for contributing to those accomplishments. We are also very grateful for the deeply meaningful and powerful friendships we have forged within our community. Collaboration, integrity, and putting the health of all children and their families first has always been at center of our thoughts, actions, and our work.

Our original goals have been met and exceeded, and now we find ourselves longing for a change of direction so that we can continue our personal missions to help families struggling with PANS/PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalopathy. We hope to continue our individual work throughout this country and the world to bring about positive changes for our children with PANS/PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalopathic Disorders.

The remaining member of the PANDAS/PANS Community Partnership, including PANDAS Network, New England PANS, Midwest PANDAS PANS Parents Association, PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative, Southeastern PANDAS PANS Association, and others, are still available to assist and provide information.

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  • Sudden Personality Changes
  • Obsessions / Compulsions
  • Motor and/or Vocal Tics / Choreiform Movements
  • Generalized Anxiety / Emotional Lability
  • Oppositional Defiance / Rages
  • Bedtime Fears / Rituals
  • Separation Anxiety / School Phobia
  • Sensory Issues, including Issues w/Food and/or Anorexia​
  • Deterioration in Handwriting or Math Skills
  • Daytime Urinary Frequency 
  • Hyperactivity